Loose Leash

Leash Walking Manners

Is your dog wonderful in all ways, but you just wish you could walk in sync, without dragging each other all over the place?

Do you wish you had a well-trained dog, but don't have the time to train him yourself?

I offer 1-hour sessions, where I train your dog for you either at your home or at public locations such as pet-friendly stores or parks. 

Leash Training at Home

For only $40, I will come to your house and work with your dog on loose leash walking skills in your neighborhood. I will work with your dog for approximately 45 minutes, then give you a 15 minute lesson at the end so you can continue to make progress.  (That price is for clients who live within 20 minutes of my home--higher charges for longer distances).

Leash Manners out in Public 

If your dog is doing well in your neighborhood, but needs more work in distracting places, for $50 I will pick him up and take him to work on leash manners out in public, either at a park or a dog-friendly store. I help your dog learn to be calm around distractions. 

Team Work

If you have two or more dogs, I prefer to teach them individually before showing them how to walk together as a team with you.